Material Pack Tactile Blocks - 01

Julio Sillet 3D Art
132 ratings

This Materials are part of my procedural materials exercise with Substance Designer. Download link in the Text file.

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This pack is not part of the All in 99 Materials Pack. If you want the SBS and the SBSAR you can get it HERE.


  • 13 PBR Materials
  • 4k textures
  • Include Diffuse/Base Color, Roughness, Normal, Height
  • Blender 2.8 file


  • Tactile Blocks Bricks Dots
  • Tactile Blocks Bricks Lines
  • Tactile Blocks Concrete Lines
  • Tactile Blocks Painted Concrete Dots
  • Tactile Blocks Painted Concrete Lines
  • Tactile Blocks Plastic Dots
  • Tactile Blocks Plastic Lines
  • Tactile Blocks Plastic Simple Dots
  • Tactile Blocks Plastic Simple Lines
  • Tactile Blocks Rough Dots
  • Tactile Blocks Rough Lines
  • Tactile Blocks Tiles Concrete Dots
  • Tactile Blocks Tiles Concrete Lines

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This pack is licensed CC-BY.

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Material Pack Tactile Blocks - 01

132 ratings
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